2", 3", 4", 6" HDPE*  BUTT FUSION SYSTEM

Butt fusion

Butt fusion can be used for jointing pipes and fittings and is equally suited for coiled and straight lengths. Only pipes and fittings of the same nominal diameter may be butt fused. Butt fusion can be used in new installations using traditional open cut trenching techniques. Additionally due to the low profile of the butt joint it is ideal for use in trenchless technology installations; slip lining, pipe bursting, directional drilling etc. Fusion comprises applying heat and pressure for a specified time to the mating surfaces to be joined. The application of heat and pressure under the correct conditions allows the molecular chains to flow and mix each other creating a joint as strong as the pipe itself. To ensure quality butt fusion joints are made, you need equipment robust enough to handle the size and weight of the pipe to be joined. The correct pressure needs to be maintained on the pipe ends during each phase of the procedures.

Anaconda compact PE Butt Fusion System is ideal for most fusion operations. Trimming or facing the pipe is easy using the guide drive power facing tool which is positioned between the pipe clamps using the guide pins. The heating iron pre-set at 500 deg. F (260 deg. C ) is used to heat-fuse the pipe. The iron is positioned using the guide pins located on the pipe clamps. The Butt Fusion System features double clamps for holing each section of the pipe to be fused.  Clamp movement is generated by the operator using a torque bar which applies force directly in line with the movement of the pipe.


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                                   Technical Specifications  2", 3", 4" & 6"

                Unit Dimensions                               15 1/2" L x 17" W x 18 1/2" H

                   Unit Weight                                                   69 Lbs.

           Milwaukee Electric Motor                            550 RPM, 7A, 120V

           Heating Iron                         7 1/2" L x 7" H, 120v Ready to use in 10 minutes

           Heating Iron Temperature                   Pre-set at 500 deg. F (260 deg. C)


     3/4"  -  1"  -  1  1/4"  -  1  1/2"  -  &  2"  Socket Fusion System

Socket fusion for gas, water, plumbing, industrial piping, waste water, mining and oil patch applications. This is a method in which the outside of the pipe is fused against the inside of the fitting, creating a strong bond without restricting the opening of the pipe, by using heat fusion connections to join the pipe and fittings. Anaconda socket fusion eliminates the systematic weaknesses that exist in other piping systems.



●  Heating Tool faces - consisting of two parts, a male end for the interior socket surface and a female end for the      exterior pipe surface.

●  Depth Gauge - Proper positioning of the rounding clamp.

●  Rounding Clamps (cold ring) - Device to maintain the roundness of the pipe and control the depth of pipe insertion into the socket during the joining operation.


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